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Our Services

1. Prevention

1. Counselling and Free HIV Testing
Trained and qualified counselors available to assist the client at the public hospital of Kisangani with health education, STI and PMTCT( programme mother to child transmission) counseling, pre and post HIV test counseling and TB , support and ART(anti-retroviral treatment) counselling when available.

2. Health Support Groups
Information and support on all health matters including Blood Pressure, Diabetes, TB, Nutrition, Foot care, Eye care, HIV, Asthma, family life, parenting. The meetings held in the community ensure that people are educated about their illnesses. Confidential HIV support groups are offered, led by community leaders/members or HIV+ people themselves.

3. Life Skills Education
Life skills education taught at pre-school, primary and high school gives the opportunity to educate and influence children, young people to a safe and healthy lifestyle, to develop and deliver a sexuality life skills in order to envision and empower young people to make a responsible decision in the area of sex and relationship as well as introduce many of them to Christ. In the morning, we run an international English School of Kisangani where the children attending the crèche, pre-school & our progressive primary school are taught in English according to South African curriculum.

2. Care and Treatment

1. Community Based Care

Community based care will be trained to offer care, love and encouragement by visiting sick people in their homes and assisting with bathing, feeding, exercise, wounds dressing and health education.

2. Health Care Centre

This will be a place of spiritual hope and support of those abandoned sick people where Christian love and care will be a priority. This will be peace place of recovering, reconnection with the Lord and restarting of a new life in Christ.